animal defenders in solidarity with Black Lives Matter (Toronto)

if your organization for animal defense wishes to sign onto the statement, please contact us by following this link (click here).

please know that you are expected to:


blm ad2

This is a statement of support for Black Lives Matter (BLM), and explicitly Black Lives Matter Toronto (BLM-TO), from animal defenders & communities against speciesism.

Mainstream “animal  rights” and vegan capitalism take up a lot of space in the social imagination of allyship towards non-human animals. Images of skinny white cis abled bodies, expensive food in gentrified neighbourhoods and abstract philosophical theories are common examples.

Because of this, we feel compelled to make our presence known, to vocalize that there are animal defenders who respect and admire the radical efforts of Black Lives Matter.

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7 things done to circus animals that would never be done to animal companions

so i had been thinking about the killing of that gorilla they called Harambe – who lived their whole life in zoos, behind cages, as a prisoner of entertainment.

there is a lot to unpack about all that, and right now i don’t have enough words to explain how it makes me feel… but it did remind me of this post i wrote a while back for another website (thus the click-bait title).

yes, i am aware that zoos are not technically circuses.
but when you think about it – they both function as a site that creates a spectacle of an animal’s life, as they conform to the misery & humiliation of living under the gaze of the human consumer-predator.
as far as i am concerned, they are different thorns on the same flower.


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internalized speciesism

content warning for triggering material, including racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, colonialism, transphobia, speciesism, tokenizing & violence against animals.

speciesism, the exploitation & abuse of non-humyn animals by a dominant oppressor on the basis of species membership, is weird.

weird like, despite how us humyns keep busy discriminating & exploiting animals specifically because they are of different species, we humyns are a species of animals too.
weird like, by justifying oppression against other earthlings precisely because of their Animalness, we simultaneously ignore & deny our own animality.
we animals have made being an animal something to be ashamed of, being called an animal something of a slur, to degrade and “Other”.
but, it takes one to know one, right? (yup i went there)

while many different folx are understandably resistant to any identities that put them with animals (given the many past atrocities that harmed animals and marginalized communities alike), the focus of this writing is on the costs of our collective humyn resistance to unlearning our internalized speciesism.

so yea, speciesism is weird. awkward. hypocritical. toxic. self-destructive.

and it follows that the deep feelings of speciesism – which we are indoctrinated with since childhood, to sever our natural bond of curiosity & respect for our animal cousins – would slowly turn inwards, against ourselves, against our wild animal-selves.
by believing political lies and following social pressures, we repress & hide certain characteristics of our identities as a humyn species. we learn to live in ways that subconsciously police behaviour and impulses, mentally & spiritually caging our wildness as though it were something dangerous, embarrassing, unnatural.

isn’t there a word for that?
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For the Liberation of the Animal Nations: Examining Activist Framing of the Radical Animal Liberation Movement in North America

so Earthling Liberation Kollective – ELK, along with Animal Liberation Front & Grassroots Ontario Animal Liberation – GOAL Network, were all studied for a thesis on radical animal liberation in north amerika.also mentions Earth First!, Hamilton/Halton Animal Liberation Team – HALT, Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance and Marineland Animal Defense (M.A.D.).

check it out:

“For the Liberation of the Animal Nations: Examining Activist Framing of the Radical Animal Liberation Movement in North America”

“This qualitative content analysis of documents gleaned from the Animal Liberation Front, Earthling Liberation Kollective, and Grassroots Ontario Animal Liberation network websites and Facebook pages explores how the frames of activists in the North American radical animal liberation movement (‪#‎RALM‬) intersect with other radical social movements.”



we’re so pleased to announce the second award winner of the burning phoenixes goes to:

Zarna Joshi

– Seattle, Washington, USAzarna0

Zarna is a Climate Justice and Social Justice activist, who works with Women of Color Speak Out. She has been part of Shellno Action Council, Rising Tide Seattle, and Earthship Seattle, and is part of the Break Free campaign of 2016. She is a writer, public speaker, and storyteller and has published books about Hindu spirituality, self-examination, and cross-cultural understanding.

Zarna describes her role as working to dismantle the systems of oppression – Capitalism, Colonialism, Racism and Patriarchy – that exploits animals, humans, and Mother Earth. She does this by working with people in all parts of the movement: from Indigenous peoples, to housing justice activists, to social justice activists, to workers’ rights activists, to transgender rights activists, to animal rights activists, to spiritual activists.

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zine now available!


~~ An accessible zine anthology about chronic illness & animals ~~

this zine is currently available in English & Arabic & English-Audio.


all the writers, artists, and activists who contributed, Vollkommen Hayllie for providing Arabic translation, Alexandra Hummel for providing German translation, and Halfmoon Research for accessibility consultation.

zoophil-psychosis is available by donation.
you can download the zine below for free. 
if you would like to donate to help pay for the cost of producing the zine, please do so here:

Donate Button


with love,










The Daily Escape from Animal Exploitation and Toxic Transmasculinity

~~ guest post written by Corvus ~~

Disclaimer: I am transmasculine and identify mostly as a transgender butch or simply transgender. I do not identify as a binary trans man, nor do I have the internal or psychological experience of many binary trans men. Whiteness shapes my experiences, which may not resonate with people of color from otherwise similar gender/class/ability demographics. I do not speak for any group of people.

Content Note: While it does not make up the majority of the article, I do mention sexual and other abuses of humans and other animals in this writing.
Please take care reading it.

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growing an animal-inclusive culture of consent

content warning for triggering material, including violence against women, sexual violence, misogyny, transmisogyny, child abuse, elder abuse, ableism, colonization, transphobia, homophobia, patriarchy, racism & violence against animals.

consent is fucking amazing.

when used to its full potential, consent is about a relationship of respect & trust dependent upon honest communication and patient expression of wants.

part 1.
but to best articulate all the reasons why it is just so fucking special, there needs to be first a clear understanding of what consent is all about –
1) what it is and what it is not; and
2) how it can be used safely in an unsafe world.

part 2.
then, having unpacked this concept, we can look towards living examples of consent, to better illustrate what we’re talking about. this includes

  • sexual consent;
  • consent in media representation;
  • consent in identification;
  • consent in education; and
  • consent in self-determination.

the hope here, in drawing from these examples above, is to shift our attention towards recognizing many of the unique & varied ways that consent is (and is not) already being expressed in different contexts and relationships.

part 3.
after all that is said & done, there needs to be some honest talk about the limits of consent when living in an oppressive culture of rape and exploitation. this means learning ways to adapt consent and understanding how to recognize when “consent” is being abused by those wishing to manipulate behaviour.

part 4.
and finally, only once the above has been fully understood, can we attempt a careful exploration into the ways that consent can & does apply to the context of non-humyn advocacy and species-inclusive community building. Continue reading

now accepting writers & bloggers!


hey elk fans!
we’re excited to announce that we are now offering a
small cash honorarium
for you folx to submit to us some
original online content.

we are open to any kind of content
(blogs, articles, artwork, youtube vlogs and the like),
but we ask you to keep it:

♥ radical
♥ intersectional
♥ species-inclusive

of course, we ask you to
please respect our choice to decline any submission
if we do not feel it is an appropriate fit for our website.

please submit via using our posted contact information.




1st burning phoenixes award winners!

we’re so pleased to announce the first award winners of the burning phoenixes goes to:

Palestinian Animal League (PAL)
Occupied Palestinian Territories (West Bank) pal

The only locally-run animal protection organization in the occupied Palestinian territories, PAL was founded in 2011 by Ahmad Safi.
Following the ethos of “helping animals, empowering people”, this organization’s work strives to be inclusive and holistic as it works with many different local communities in the West Bank.

ahmad - palcrew k petrus

Ahmad laughing with PAL members (Photo credit to K. Petrus)

Young Palestinians for Animal Protection”, a current programme of PAL, exemplifies their grassroots approach and transformative contributions to society.
Beginning in early 2015, this project has educated and trained a total of 52 student volunteers (from Al Quds (Abu Dis), Al Najah (Tulkarm) and Bir Zeit (Ramallah) universities) in a variety of areas, including leadership, campaigning, advocacy, animal welfare and animal ethics.

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Making Animal Liberation Accessible – A How-To Guide

a lion and zebra drinking together from a water hole


[This document includes alt text for all images]

This resource manual is available for anyone planning & facilitating an event.
It is however written specifically for those involved in animal advocacy and animal defense within the continent of North America.

The purpose of this resource is to help you help make events more accessible and more inclusive for different peoples to participate.
This resource is not intended as a resource for evaluating diversity of tactics,
nor for strategizing success within any particular campaign.

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5 things that animal rights can learn from the black panthers

in respect of Black History Month, and the 50th anniversary since the 1966 founding of the Black Panthers Party for Self-Defense, this post is dedicated to commemorating the Black Panthers and what animal defenders can learn from them in 2016.

but before you read what i have to say, i’d ask you to please check out these links:

okay thanks.

so the intention here is to spotlight this radical organization, a famous movement for Black power, that chose to be represented in the name & image of an animal: a panther.

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elk report back! cash-fund


we are excited to announce our report back! cash-fund,
available to applicants wishing to report on radical events for ELK.

we are offering modest financial support to help people afford costs to attend an event,
on the condition that a detailed report of the event is prepared & sent to us for sharing and signal boosting radical efforts.

if interested, please contact us with a proposal of the event you wish to attend & why it is important for a report back! to be delivered about it.

*the cash-fund will be provided as a reimbursement upon receiving a receipt to verify expenses claimed and upon receiving a satisfactory report back!*


zpp bannerr

Online Zine Release Party – Mental Health & Animal Love

at long last, our release party date has been set!

~ Join us in celebrating the release of ZOOPHIL-PSYCHOSIS ~

This event is making space for conversations about mental illness & love for animals.
How do animal advocates cope with mental health stigma?
How do the chronically ill find support through non-humyns?
How can we learn to take pride in our sicknesses and our empathy for animals?

We are proud to feature a collection of different authors & artists who have contributed to making this zine so special.
So make plans to be ready to read the zine with us all when it is published online on March 13th, 2016.

We encourage people to be with friends and to engage with others on this event page, about mental health & animal love generally, but also the specific contributions within the zine.

animal crossing2

why animal rights fails at intersectionality

content warning for triggering material, including racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, colonialism, transphobia, speciesism, tokenizing & violence against animals.

animal rights people love that word, intersectionality.
maybe you’ve noticed?

it’s a trending term of recent years within animal rights activism culture, popularized as a way to include animal advocacy among other historical-ongoing social justice struggles, as a way to finally be taken seriously when talking about animal abuse, about veganism, about speciesism.
but it is also a way that animal rights has fucked up, repeatedly.

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announcing APE Productions

ape media

APE Productions is a hub for promoting animal-friendly media!
This will include animals, Youtube videos, short films, animals, short stories, news, animals, food, signal-boosting other content, animals & more!

Like APE on Facebook!

As we begin preparing original content to be released through this platform, we are also currently looking to promote any vegan-friendly, animal positive content –
We are happy to signal boost other people’s original content that is animal-friendly & vegan-friendly.

We envision this becoming an online space for animal lovers to be able to enjoy media that is not speciesist or triggering.

Our goal here is to make you & the animals laugh:)