a blog series about animal-huggers dealing with chronic illness

5 point disclaimer
  1. trigger warning that this series will be openly discussing various issues surrounding illness, [self] harm, ableism, violence against animals, and potentially other traumatic issues
  2. i am always only speaking for myself and my experiences as i understand them presently, and so, of course, i will never be speaking for any or all vegans, any or all animals, nor any or all people who are chronically ill
  3. given that my illness is chronic – meaning its effects last over a long period of time – and this illness tends to fluctuate in the intensity of symptoms, my posting may be sporadic and/or end abruptly – so enjoy while you can! 🙂
  4. this blog series is being written for anyone who wants to give their time to read it. but i’ll be writing the majority of the posts from a perspective of a queer anarchist zen vegan, resisting all forms of oppression (not just animals), and who suffers from a chronic mental illness. so please respect that some of my words may not be for your ears – or eyes, i guess…
  5. and finally, why am i writing this?
    well why not, first of all.
    second, i don’t see these kinds of conversations happening enough in social justice circles & anti-oppressive communities, so i’m hoping to change some of that.
    third, it’d make me very satisfied to know if even one person can find some comfort or clarity of mind in the words i write, by identifying with some of my struggles, mistakes and accomplishments in the years of chronic illness & veganism.
    fourth, i like the idea that this series could be used by some as a resource for those who need it, to allow someone to avoid answering those all-to-common personal probing questions from family/friends/coworkers/strangers by instead simply sharing one of these posts and saving themselves the effort.
    and finally, i am writing this because it helps me with my own illness. it helps me cope with everything if i can share some of it with others, even (especially?) with strangers. to make something constructive and nourishing out of something so destructive and toxic would be lovely, and so that’s what i will be aspiring to.

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image credit to: Emm’s Positivity Blog

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