“Don’t all vegans love PETA?”
Fuck no.

#DearPeTA is about vegans & animal advocates
voicing petaour collective disagreement with the tactics and politics of PeTA and mainstream animal rights. There are so many problems with the culture of animal rights (primarily because it thrives within terribly privileged communities), and similarly with the tactics & priorities of PeTA as an organization (essentially for promoting short-term “go vegan” campaigns that tokenize different peoples or issues for their elitist version of “rights” for animals).

We can promote animal liberation without shaming and “othering” other communities, without tokenizing people and other problems, without attaching our efforts to privileged and oppressive politics.

But for more reasons on why PeTA is so oppressive in promoting animal rights,
please watch this video by Aph Ko:

And for more reasons, check out this article by
The Busy Vegan.

Want to participate?
Post a picture of yourself, with a message beginning with #DearPeTA to voice your criticism of PeTA & mainstream animal rights and email it to us!
Make sure to tweet it at @earthlibkollect too!

dear peta 2dear peta 9 dear peta 8 dear peta 7 dear peta 6dear peta 5dear peta 4 dear peta 3

dear peta 1

dear peta 10

Want to participate?

  1. Take a picture of yourself with a message
  2. Make the message a criticism of PeTA and mainstream animal rights
  3. Begin message with #DearPeTA
  4. Email it to us!
  5. And tweet it at @earthlibkollect too!


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