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  1. Hello! I was very excited to learn about this conference and definitely plan to attend. (I am a Guelph grad, and was on the very first Board of OPIRG-Guelph!)

    I am currently a Professor of Anthropology and Sociology at Fanshawe College in London, ON. Here I have developed and teach a course in Primate Issues, as well as a course in Globalization. The former focuses on oppression against other primates, especially apes, and links their oppression to capitalist oppression in general. The latter focuses on all forms of oppression experienced in the global south, and I encourage students to make links between environmental, social, and justice issues, and neoliberal economic policies.

    I am wondering if your slate of presenters is full, and would love to offer to deliver a presentation or facilitate a workshop on any of the areas I described above. I am particularly interested in promoting discussion of your theme, that animal rights and human rights are inseparable.

    And if you are not able to accommodate another presenter, I will see you there in any case!

    Best regards,
    Lorraine McNeil

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