it was 5 years ago that we began what has now become known as ELK.

making space for anti-oppressive human empowerment in animal rights spaces.
making space for other species in human-led community organizing activism.

neither of which was particularly popular or welcomed and so we at ELK have often taken to doing our own thing instead and supporting other radical groups from afar.

we gathered our support from our efforts and long-term relationship building.
we gathered support from showing up when asked and calling out when needed.

this being a free & open collective, with members coming and going, meant that our results have varied a great deal over the years according to changing vision and resources made available.

but 5 years is a long time and we are quite pleased to show some stats on this website.

happy 2018 & please enjoy!

top 10 posts of all time

  1. why animal rights fails at intersectionality

  2. zoophil-psychosis zine 

  3. Margaret Robinson – Indigenous veganism: Feminist Natives do eat tofu

  4. Human Rights are Animal Rights 

  5. internalized speciesism

  6. 4 Reasons why White Vegans Need to Stop Appropriating Mehndi (Henna) — GUEST POST by Meneka Repka

  7. Commonalities of Oppression

  8. 수나우라 타일러 – 비건, 괴짜들, 그리고 동물들발췌 번역. 장애와 동물에 대해 (Korean version of Sunaura Taylor – Vegans, Freaks, and Animals)

  9. vegans with depression

  10. Sunaura Taylor – Vegans, Freaks, and Animals

top 10 countries of people visiting us here online


highest all-time views by months & years


still going strong!
these past 2 months have brought some of the largest online traffic to the site yet


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