1st burning phoenixes award winners!

we’re so pleased to announce the first award winners of the burning phoenixes goes to:

Palestinian Animal League (PAL)
Occupied Palestinian Territories (West Bank) pal

The only locally-run animal protection organization in the occupied Palestinian territories, PAL was founded in 2011 by Ahmad Safi.
Following the ethos of “helping animals, empowering people”, this organization’s work strives to be inclusive and holistic as it works with many different local communities in the West Bank.

ahmad - palcrew k petrus

Ahmad laughing with PAL members (Photo credit to K. Petrus)

Young Palestinians for Animal Protection”, a current programme of PAL, exemplifies their grassroots approach and transformative contributions to society.
Beginning in early 2015, this project has educated and trained a total of 52 student volunteers (from Al Quds (Abu Dis), Al Najah (Tulkarm) and Bir Zeit (Ramallah) universities) in a variety of areas, including leadership, campaigning, advocacy, animal welfare and animal ethics.

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elk report back! cash-fund


we are excited to announce our report back! cash-fund,
available to applicants wishing to report on radical events for ELK.

we are offering modest financial support to help people afford costs to attend an event,
on the condition that a detailed report of the event is prepared & sent to us for sharing and signal boosting radical efforts.

if interested, please contact us with a proposal of the event you wish to attend & why it is important for a report back! to be delivered about it.

*the cash-fund will be provided as a reimbursement upon receiving a receipt to verify expenses claimed and upon receiving a satisfactory report back!*


why animal rights fails at intersectionality

content warning for triggering material, including racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, colonialism, transphobia, speciesism, tokenizing & violence against animals.

animal rights people love that word, intersectionality.
maybe you’ve noticed?

it’s a trending term of recent years within animal rights activism culture, popularized as a way to include animal advocacy among other historical-ongoing social justice struggles, as a way to finally be taken seriously when talking about animal abuse, about veganism, about speciesism.
but it is also a way that animal rights has fucked up, repeatedly.

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