1st burning phoenixes award winners!

we’re so pleased to announce the first award winners of the burning phoenixes goes to:

Palestinian Animal League (PAL)
Occupied Palestinian Territories (West Bank) pal

The only locally-run animal protection organization in the occupied Palestinian territories, PAL was founded in 2011 by Ahmad Safi.
Following the ethos of “helping animals, empowering people”, this organization’s work strives to be inclusive and holistic as it works with many different local communities in the West Bank.

ahmad - palcrew k petrus

Ahmad laughing with PAL members (Photo credit to K. Petrus)

Young Palestinians for Animal Protection”, a current programme of PAL, exemplifies their grassroots approach and transformative contributions to society.
Beginning in early 2015, this project has educated and trained a total of 52 student volunteers (from Al Quds (Abu Dis), Al Najah (Tulkarm) and Bir Zeit (Ramallah) universities) in a variety of areas, including leadership, campaigning, advocacy, animal welfare and animal ethics.

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Transformative Justice for Animal Liberation

this is a talk i gave a year&1/2 ago, where i shared some analysis about the failings of criminalizing animal abuse and the ways in which transformative justice is a more accessible means for achieving animal liberation.

yea – i am soft-spoken and very uncomfortable taking up that much space, so don’t mind how nervous i am throughout it.. as well, this talk was for an academic conference (critical animal studies), so i apologize for any jargon or mumbo-jumbo that may make it harder to follow along…


burning phoenixes award


is an ongoing cash prize available for efforts creating radical change for humyns, animals and our Earth. it is offered in recognition of those re-imagining what liberation can look like.

by this, we mean those special folx envisioning a whole new image of total liberation – something that is sustainable, accessible and simply radical.
because the manifestation of liberation can and does look like many different things,
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on accountability

*content warning for discussion of potentially triggering subject matter*

in this very breath, we benefit from and are complicit with oppressive power structures that abuse, exploit, devalue and destroy the lives of humyns, animals and the natural world.
these entrenched relationships of violence manifest themselves in blatant examples of direct harm (military, police, prisons) and indirect harm (laws, regulations, socio-economic policies, behavior, language and passive “micro-aggressions”). these oppressions are all intertwined with one another – some more than others – and so any one power cannot be effectively challenged and undone without accounting for the other powers that intersect with it.

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Empty the cages! And fill the prisons?

This writing was originally printed in Project Intersect #1: Clarion Call”

My name is mike, and I am a white settler residing on Attawandaron Territory, trying to connect the issue of prison abolition and animal liberation. While I have immense privileges that prevent me from fully grasping the oppression that is the prison industrial complex, I will approach this subject from my own experience and academic education in the subject of “criminology”.

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