how to love yourself today in 10 steps (free DIY mental health self-care help)

*please read the five point disclaimer here* 🙂

this post is for all us folk needing help (tips, support, hacks, resources, pep talks, etc.) to maintain our health, for today, like, right now –
or in other words, this is to help you get through the short-term by trying some new solutions in the next few minutes.

i have no formal education in mental health (medical, psychiatric, or otherwise), so am only speaking here from my own experiences of spiraling into acute episodes, and what things have helped me survive to tell the tale.
most of this draws from the area of CBT – cognitive behavioral therapy – and my intention here is to offer up some handy resources because it is not easily available elsewhere.

the self-help info below is listed in no specific order, and some may apply better to anxiety attacks (if you’re looking for some words to relate to how you’re feeling, maybe you would enjoy reading this) or depressive episodes (if you’re looking for some words to relate to how you’re feeling, maybe you would enjoy reading this), but regardless
it will always be most helpful when you are better able to identify HOW you feel.
so, try moving away from vague words (like “good”, “mad”, “bad”) and try to be more specific in identifying what emotions are being felt because it helps with self-expression, which helps with diagnosis and treatment.
finally, not everything below is going to be of interest to you, so skip it if so.
hopefully, you’ll find something else here that works well enough…

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embracing our herstory of animal loving madness


*this is a written transcript of a video presentation available here with Closed Captioning*

hi my name is archie.
and this is Phoebe.
thanks for tuning in to my presentation.

so to briefly summarize what i am going to be talking about today – basically this is a presentation about mental health, mental illness, about identities of madness and how those topics interrelate with animal advocacy, animal defense, animal rights.

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how to reach out to a friend with chronic illness

*please read the five point disclaimer here*

this is a guest post written by Sparkling Aura – for more of their wisdom, please click here.

Nothing is worse than suffering from chronic illness – except suffering alone.
There have been times in my life where I have felt so alone that I felt I could not go on. But we are never alone – someone always cares. Sometimes – often times – they just don’t know how to tell you they care. They don’t know what to say or how to say it.

The first part of this post will discuss this dynamic from my experience with a friend who died from cancer. Then I will move on to talking about how to reach out – both those who are suffering and those who want to be there for someone who is suffering.

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Anastasia Yarbrough – Contemplating radical self-care

Full video with closed captioning available here

Hi everyone. So, I’m here to have a conversation about contemplating radical self-care, and the title of the talk is “Contemplating Radical Self-Care: Animal Rights as if life matters”. I was inspired to give this talk, or at least rather just have this conversation, about what radical self-care means for us as activists – and as far as building community – based on my experience as an activist and particularly my internship at a sanctuary, and how there was… how I needed a lot of support, but I didn’t know how to ask for it in that space.

The culture of the sanctuary wasn’t about supporting activists to help each other so that we can help animals help themselves. It was more about your feelings don’t matter and whatever you’re feeling, you gotta suck it up and kind of do what you gotta do for the animals whose suffering is much greater than yours. And it is difficult to argue that, and difficult to communicate that when there is no space to have that kind of conversation.

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