embracing our herstory of animal loving madness


*this is a written transcript of a video presentation available here with Closed Captioning*

hi my name is archie.
and this is Phoebe.
thanks for tuning in to my presentation.

so to briefly summarize what i am going to be talking about today – basically this is a presentation about mental health, mental illness, about identities of madness and how those topics interrelate with animal advocacy, animal defense, animal rights.

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Ruby Hamad – HALAL: Perspectives on intersecting oppressions from a Muslim Vegan Feminist

Full video with closed captioning available here

The title of my talk is Halal. It is, as you may know, an Islamic term or Arab term for what is permissible or allowed.


With that in mind, I just want to say that what this talk is not about religion or about Islamic standards of slaughter, etc. It is more of a cultural sort of analysis of what Halal means. With that, I will get started.

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