Lisa Kemmerer – Sister Species

Full video with closed captioning available here

Thank you all for being here and thank you for the organizers. I am just so pleased to see so many people turn out and I know how much work it takes to put such a thing together, so thank you all. It’s terrific. Good organization and good job organizing all this for the conference.

So I worked for a very long time creating a nice Powerpoint for today, thinking how nice it would be to have your attention somewhere else. And it would be all neat and tidy, and I couldn’t make many mistakes because I could think it all through, and then mike told me that no one else was doing Powerpoint and the technology might not work anyways, so..


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mandy hiscocks – OPEN THE CAGES! Zoos, labs, factory farms & the Prison Industrial Complex

Full video with closed captioning available here

My name’s mandy, and I’m here today to talk about zoos, labs, factory farms and the prison industrial complex. I feel like in the room there’s a lot of folks who are pretty aware of the issues with zoos, factory farms and labs, so I’m going to focus a little bit more on prison, because I’m making an assumption that that’s something that maybe people are less familiar with… do folks feel like that’s a fairly accurate assumption to make?

[Nods from the audience]

Okay. Cool. I was asked to speak because, like Alanna said in the introduction, I spent most of last year in Vanier Centre for Women which is just down the 401 in Milton. It is a women’s jail and it’s also a provincial jail, so just for some context: a provincial jail is one where you would go if you were convicted of something that got you two years less a day, or less, as a sentence.

So basically, not your most violent crimes. It’s also a place where you would be if you’ve been charged with something and you haven’t been convicted yet – you haven’t even gone to trial yet – but you haven’t been able to make bail. Continue reading