embracing our herstory of animal loving madness


*this is a written transcript of a video presentation available here with Closed Captioning*

hi my name is archie.
and this is Phoebe.
thanks for tuning in to my presentation.

so to briefly summarize what i am going to be talking about today – basically this is a presentation about mental health, mental illness, about identities of madness and how those topics interrelate with animal advocacy, animal defense, animal rights.

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vegans with seasonal depression

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this is a guest post written by Joanne Sea, for more of their wisdom, please click here.

Trigger warning for mention of multiple possibly upsetting things including mental illness, suicide, and gendered violence. 

It took me a long time to recognize my patterns of feeling depressed were aligned with seasonal changes. There have been other events in my life that have contributed, too. I started to realize, though, that every year around the same time I felt out of sorts.

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vegans with anxiety

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are you an anxious vegan?
okay – then this here is for you..

so right off that bat, i’m going to emphasize that i am talking about anxiety as a disorder and not the occasional, temporary anxieties that we all experience in life.  severe anxiety is more the kind of stuff that doesn’t go away and instead will often just get worse over time – leading to situations where it really interferes with your capacity to live life (thus the need for a word like “disorder” to describe it). so like how depression isn’t simply feeling sad now and then, when bad luck comes your way, having anxiety isn’t simply feeling stressed and worried when you experience conflict and big challenges.

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Mary Fantaske – The Disabled Body and The Animal Body

Full video with closed captioning available here

Hello everybody, I will be exploring the concepts of ableism and speciesism and the intersectionality between the two, which I argue is absolutely critical, to the point where you can’t tease the two apart.

I want to begin with a quote that I actually shared on the event page, I don’t know, a few days ago. But it really sums up everything that I’m trying to say so I’m going to repeat it for you again. This quote is from Mia Mingus, a disability rights activist, and she states:

“Ableism is connected to all our struggles, because it ungirds notions of whose bodies are considered valuable, desirable, and disposable.”

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