how i stopped trying to “grow up & get a job”, and other lies capitalism told me

i hate
i really do – and i think most people do too.
and by work, i mean essentially any situation where you would not be there, doing that gig, associating with that place & group of coworkers, if not being paid $$ to do so.
that creates a pretty clear distinction between:

  • careers that really challenge ourselves to grow, expanding upon our own potential, rewarding effort of investing time and talents…
  • and all those other jobs that simply help us pay off debts & otherwise serve as a mental checkpoint in our lives for how we were told to live and proceed as we age.

this here is a really important difference, and something i will keep coming back to, because it highlights how often we all can conflate words and ideas under one broad label. like the example above of “work” (conflating purpose with day jobs), we can also confuse say the notion of “success” (equating fulfillment with competitive materialism) or “confidence” (thinking that liking yourself is the same as a vain ego).
so basically one take away from reading this is a reminder to question what assumptions you are bringing into a situation which prevent you from seeing something in a new way.

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animal defenders in solidarity with Standing Rock #NoDAPL

if your organization for animal defense wishes to sign onto the statement,
contact us by following this link here.

please know that you are expected to donate a minimum of $5 directly to the
“Stand with Standing Rock” fund (click here) or to Standing Rock’s Legal Support fund (click here).


This is a statement of support for the Sioux of Standing Rock and all other Indigenous Defenders, from animal defenders against colonialism, capitalism & white supremacy.

To clarify – we are animal defenders, but we are not for “animal  rights”; we are not from “mainstream” organizations; we are not green-washed consumers celebrating vegan “thanksgivings”; we are not chasing short-term single-issue solutions; nor are we tokenizing or protesting Indigenous identities and cultures to “help” animals.

Instead – we are people who simultaneously work to defend animals AND who also recognize our immense debt owed to Indigenous peoples as they continue to lead by example – and so we are obligated to vocalize our respect & admiration for all the radical efforts happening at Standing Rock.

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mandy hiscocks – OPEN THE CAGES! Zoos, labs, factory farms & the Prison Industrial Complex

Full video with closed captioning available here

My name’s mandy, and I’m here today to talk about zoos, labs, factory farms and the prison industrial complex. I feel like in the room there’s a lot of folks who are pretty aware of the issues with zoos, factory farms and labs, so I’m going to focus a little bit more on prison, because I’m making an assumption that that’s something that maybe people are less familiar with… do folks feel like that’s a fairly accurate assumption to make?

[Nods from the audience]

Okay. Cool. I was asked to speak because, like Alanna said in the introduction, I spent most of last year in Vanier Centre for Women which is just down the 401 in Milton. It is a women’s jail and it’s also a provincial jail, so just for some context: a provincial jail is one where you would go if you were convicted of something that got you two years less a day, or less, as a sentence.

So basically, not your most violent crimes. It’s also a place where you would be if you’ve been charged with something and you haven’t been convicted yet – you haven’t even gone to trial yet – but you haven’t been able to make bail. Continue reading

lauren Ornelas – Beyond Veganism: Diet & Consumption in a Global World

Full video with closed captioning available here

I apologise as I’m used to a very U.S.-centric audience. So hopefully I’ve adjusted it for y’all being more progressive types here, so thank you for that. It feels like family already. I am going to ask everybody to keep an open mind to the things that I’m talking about because when I’m talking about all this stuff. I’m not asking activists of anything that you’re working on, to give up your passion. If you’re an animal rights activist and you’re working on anti-vivisection work, what I’m talking about here, I’m not saying: “Oh, you shouldn’t be working on that.” What I’m asking for, is for us to try to be a little more consistent and more aware of the choices that we make in our lives and the things that we say as activists, that we need to be aware of how they impact others and other social justice movements that are taking place.

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