*Deadline passed*

We are accepting abstract submissions for those wishing to present at the upcoming Neither Man Nor Beast conference!!!

We encourage people to give emphasis to deconstructing speciesism through a feminist perspective, and/or to deconstructing patriarchy through an animal rights perspective. It is also good to be mindful that attendees will be of diverse backgrounds & opinions, so please prepare your presentations accordingly.

TOPICS: veganism; women/womyn empowerment; queer rights; hetero-normative privilege; feminism; trans and gender-queer rights; racism and perspectives from women of colour; white male supremacy; patriarchy; ableism; sexism; sizeism; sexualities; gender and cis privilege; colonialism; indigenous rights; eco-feminism and environmentalism; anarcha-feminism; anti-capitalism; anti-state; animal rights and radical self-care.

We are welcoming *both* academic and non-academic presentations alike. As well, presenters are encouraged to use webcams if possible (and to contact us directly if you do not have access to one). Visuals (e.g. powerpoint) during presentations are encouraged. Please also be prepared to engage in Q&A with attendees after your presentation.
If you wish to speak at this conference, please submit your abstract proposal with your name, presentation title, a 200-300 word abstract, and location that you currently reside. Please also include whether you have access to a webcam. You are welcome to include any additional information about yourself and why you would like to participate. Presentations should be maximum 20 minutes long, with additional time for Q&A.

Email it to animalliberationontario@gmail.com

Deadline for submission is January 31st, 2014.

*Deadline passed*


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