we’re SO happy to announce our 1st project at APE Productions – Animal Positive Entertainment is kicking off, FINALLY!!!

WHAT is it, you ask?
we are collecting data FROM YOU in the form of honest REVIEWS on MOVIES, BOOKS, BLOGS, YOUTUBE, NETFLIX, MUSIC, etc!
we want YOU to tell us what content is VEGAN FRIENDLY!

WHY are we doing this, you ask next?
because we want more vegans to know what MEDIA they should be spending their time consuming without being triggered and offended by speciesist and animal-abusive content.

SO YEA – this is your cue to BINGE on your favourite netflix tv shows, or dive back into your favourite book series, or listen again to your favourite music artists, and THEN give them a review on our survey about whether it is Animal Positive Entertainment!

PLEASE take this survey, SHARE it with some friends, BOOKMARK it so you can do more reviews later, and LIKE this post too!




    1. oh wow great to know about this Natal!
      you are more than welcome to contribute thorough reviews on the APE survey if you like?
      also, the 2nd link doesn’t seem to work on our end..

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