is an ongoing cash prize available for efforts creating radical change for humyns, animals and our Earth. it is offered in recognition of those re-imagining what liberation can look like.

by this, we mean those special folx envisioning a whole new image of total liberation – something that is sustainable, accessible and simply radical.
because the manifestation of liberation can and does look like many different things,
we are keeping the eligibility for this award open to different possible expressions of transformative justice.

all successful recipients of the burning phoenixes award will clearly demonstrate that their project promotes:

  1. short-term community empowerment that offers solutions for surviving today
  2. long-term community empowerment that offers solution for healing tomorrow
  3. and community empowerment that is inclusive to the local humyn communities, the local animal communities, and the local natural ecology.

to nominate any efforts deserving of this award, please send us:

  • preferred name, pronouns and location of the nominator;
  • preferred name, pronouns and location of the nominee;
  • a summary of the project and how it clearly meets the above 3-point criteria
  • an explanation of why these efforts are deserving of cash support & signal boosting

our contact info can be found here.

keep burning.

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