the liberation of animals does not mean the liberation of humans, or the planet.

so here are 3 reasons why NOT to apply trans-species analogies for animal liberation discourse (e.g. plantation slavery in the southern u.s. is the same as slavery of farmed animals OR the dairy industry is the same as violence against womyn):

1) TOKENIZES – it appropriates struggles & events from different communities, and often does not actually convey anything but some kind of superficial solidarity, at best.
so if the only time someone references Stonewall or Ferguson or Palestine is to validate some other single-issue unrelated objective about animals, then stop doing that.
it’s confusing and not helpful for those listening, the animals or anyone else.

2) MISLEADING – it almost always treats these other oppressions as historic (e.g. slavery, holocaust, women suffrage, indigenous resistance, etc.) and not as uniquely present, ongoing systems of institutionalized privileges and violence, existing in the same and new expressions, that can intertwine with other ongoing systems of oppression (like speciesism).
we can all learn from the past and take notes on other social issues, but these are also still extremely different struggles. black segregation in the u.s. 50 years ago is not the same as human consumption of animals today.

3) EXCLUSIVE – equating animal liberation to any other struggle almost always means animal-advocates are talking over others who are voicing their feelings of being offended by simplistic comparisons, and when these legitimate concerns are ignored or denied, this becomes animal-advocates acting as though they know & understand the experiences of others better than those being offended.
and in the context of mainstream animal rights scenes, a space taken up by predominantly white people, the defense of animals is instead seen as privileged humans trying to elevate the status of nonhumans above and before other oppressed humans.

feel free to comment with some more reasons if you’re so inclined

love ELK


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