– feeling educated

THANK YOU! So inspiring! So mind blowing! So raw and real and powerful! THANK YOU!

– Mind = Blown. Can’t thank everyone involved enough for today’s experience. What an empowering conference!

– What an amazing day. Thank you to everybody who helped organize. Thank you to everybody who spoke, and shared ideas and thoughts. Thank you to everybody who attended. Thank you all for having big hearts, for caring, and for helping the world be a better place. Love.

– What an incredible event! My partner and I were discussing how we both felt a “high” afterwards, being surrounding by such positive and passionate people . My sincerest thanks and gratitude to the organizers, YOU ROCK!! I also want to thank all the other speakers, I learned a lot and had a fabulous time!!!!

– thank you thank you thank you, amazing and empowering day!

– this conference was amazing! thanks so much to the organizers for all the work you put into it. i learned so much today. thank you for the opportunity to speak and to listen to such a fantastic group of people.

– I can’t tell you HOW AMAZING the conference was (in case you were there, then you’d already know..) Thanks so much to those who organized, spoke, attended, etc. it was incredible.

– Congratulations to organizers, speakers and participants. It was amazing in every way.


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