zen vegan anarchism


if i were to describe my spirituality, i would call it zen vegan anarchism.

and to be clear from the very beginning, zen vegan anarchism is not a belief system, a political party, a foodie lifestyle, a moral dogma, a code of ethics, a theology doctrine, nor any kind of ideology.
as such, i write words about zen vegan anarchism with no intention to convince you of anything, to sell you something, to offer a cure for a pain, or to appear as though i have some sense of clarity that you could not acquire, or do not already hold within you. Continue reading

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Transformative Justice for Animal Liberation

this is a talk i gave a year&1/2 ago, where i shared some analysis about the failings of criminalizing animal abuse and the ways in which transformative justice is a more accessible means for achieving animal liberation.

yea – i am soft-spoken and very uncomfortable taking up that much space, so don’t mind how nervous i am throughout it.. as well, this talk was for an academic conference (critical animal studies), so i apologize for any jargon or mumbo-jumbo that may make it harder to follow along…



burning phoenixes award


is an ongoing cash prize available for efforts creating radical change for humyns, animals and our Earth. it is offered in recognition of those re-imagining what liberation can look like.

by this, we mean those special folx envisioning a whole new image of total liberation – something that is sustainable, accessible and simply radical.
because the manifestation of liberation can and does look like many different things,
we are keeping the eligibility for this award open to different possible expressions of transformative justice. Continue reading

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vegans with anxiety

*please read the five point disclaimer here* :)

are you an anxious vegan?
okay – then this here is for you..

so right off that bat, i’m going to emphasize that i am talking about anxiety as a disorder and not the occasional, temporary anxieties that we all experience in life.  severe anxiety is more the kind of stuff that doesn’t go away and instead will often just get worse over time – leading to situations where it really interferes with your capacity to live life (thus the need for a word like “disorder” to describe it). so like how depression isn’t simply feeling sad now and then, when bad luck comes your way, having anxiety isn’t simply feeling stressed and worried when you experience conflict and big challenges.

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elk refuge

on accountability

*content warning for discussion of potentially triggering subject matter*

in this very breath, we benefit from and are complicit with oppressive power structures that abuse, exploit, devalue and destroy the lives of humyns, animals and the natural world.
these entrenched relationships of violence manifest themselves in blatant examples of direct harm (military, police, prisons) and indirect harm (laws, regulations, socio-economic policies, behavior, language and passive “micro-aggressions”). these oppressions are all intertwined with one another – some more than others – and so any one power cannot be effectively challenged and undone without accounting for the other powers that intersect with it.

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how to reach out to a friend with chronic illness

*please read the five point disclaimer here*

this is a guest post written by Sparkling Aura – for more of their wisdom, please click here.

Nothing is worse than suffering from chronic illness – except suffering alone.
There have been times in my life where I have felt so alone that I felt I could not go on. But we are never alone – someone always cares. Sometimes – often times – they just don’t know how to tell you they care. They don’t know what to say or how to say it.

The first part of this post will discuss this dynamic from my experience with a friend who died from cancer. Then I will move on to talking about how to reach out – both those who are suffering and those who want to be there for someone who is suffering.

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this year

vegans with depression

*please read the five point disclaimer here* :)

are you a depressed vegan?
yay me too.
fun, right?

no, but seriously – it is an awful, awful mental illness.
it can be difficult to describe, especially when you are deep under its spell, but i will give it a shot right now – for people wanting to understand so as to be better support for their loved ones or for people who know this illness all too well but still find courage in learning from another’s experience and knowing that one more persyn is on this path somewhere with you too. and this can be really important for us vegans with depression, because we can be already well acquainted with feelings of alienation and hopelessness in this violent world.

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looking for more chronic vegans!

why hello there :)
if you identify as a vegan with chronic illness, and you’re interested in contributing (anonymously or not) to the blog series chronically vegan (link here!), then message ELK with a short sample of your writing <3
our contact info is available on this link here.
we’re accepting about anything that connects veganism with chronic illness, so please don’t be afraid to express yourself the way you want to!
and the first blog post, about living chronically vegan, is available to read by clicking here!


Sâkihitowin Awâsis – From Animal Rights to Anti-Colonial Organizing

Full video with closed captioning available here

Alright, Boozhoo Sâkihitowin Awâsis dishinikawshon, peyakoskan tapasinahikatew mêkwan sakâw michif otipêyimisowak, pi li clan carré. Deshkan Ziibiing niwiiken,
pi mon famee, Ongiara wikiiwuk.

So I just introduced myself in my language, the Michif language, and my Métis name is Sâkihitowin Awâsis, or Awâsis. My English, or GST name, is Cortney. I currently live in Antler River, or London, Ontario. I am from Niagara. I wanted to say thank you to the organizers and everyone listening in from all over the place. It’s an honour to be speaking to you today. michael, I really loved your Line 9 sign in the back, that’s great.

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project i

“ON VIOLENCE” – Project Intersect 2nd Issue

project intersect

Submissions for Project Intersect‘s second issue, ON VIOLENCE, are due SUNDAY, MAY 31st by 11:59 PM PST. Please submit, share, and “like” our Facebook page so we can continue to grow this community of intersectional-minded feminist activists who are having important conversations around anti-speciesism, ethical veganism, white privilege, structural racism, and so on.


lisa - sizer

Lisa Kemmerer – Sister Species

Full video with closed captioning available here

Thank you all for being here and thank you for the organizers. I am just so pleased to see so many people turn out and I know how much work it takes to put such a thing together, so thank you all. It’s terrific. Good organization and good job organizing all this for the conference.

So I worked for a very long time creating a nice Powerpoint for today, thinking how nice it would be to have your attention somewhere else. And it would be all neat and tidy, and I couldn’t make many mistakes because I could think it all through, and then mike told me that no one else was doing Powerpoint and the technology might not work anyways, so..


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mary - bailey

Mary Fantaske – The Disabled Body and The Animal Body

Full video with closed captioning available here

Hello everybody, I will be exploring the concepts of ableism and speciesism and the intersectionality between the two, which I argue is absolutely critical, to the point where you can’t tease the two apart.

I want to begin with a quote that I actually shared on the event page, I don’t know, a few days ago. But it really sums up everything that I’m trying to say so I’m going to repeat it for you again. This quote is from Mia Mingus, a disability rights activist, and she states:

“Ableism is connected to all our struggles, because it ungirds notions of whose bodies are considered valuable, desirable, and disposable.”

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Ruby Hamad – HALAL: Perspectives on intersecting oppressions from a Muslim Vegan Feminist

Full video with closed captioning available here

The title of my talk is Halal. It is, as you may know, an Islamic term or Arab term for what is permissible or allowed.


With that in mind, I just want to say that what this talk is not about religion or about Islamic standards of slaughter, etc. It is more of a cultural sort of analysis of what Halal means. With that, I will get started.

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margaret - sizer

Margaret Robinson – Indigenous veganism: Feminist Natives do eat tofu

Full video with closed captioning available here

I’m going to talk to you today about barriers to creating an Aboriginal veganism. I’ll talk a bit about traditional food, and human-animal relationship in Mi’kmaq legends. And I’ll end with the concept of “M`sit No`maq,” which means “all my relations”.

There are two main barriers to an Aboriginal veganism. Continue reading